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Jewelry Expert

Custom Design

From Day 1, Cady has loved inventing creative solutions to fit custom needs. See how she can design you a bespoke piece of jewelry or transition your heirlooms into new works of art.

Cady-72 Recentered.jpg

Celebration Ring

When I turned 30, I knew it was something to celebrate! After several years in the business, I had a accumulated a large quantity of responsibly sourced diamond mellees and a bartered aquamarine, which I then hand-set in 14k yellow gold.

Sketches & Memories to Life

This client lost her wedding ring shortly after her husband had passed. She didn't have any detailed photos to go on for replicating it so we worked with family members and their memories to come up with the right design. I used the 3D printers at Tulsa's Fab Lab to make a prototype confirming the design  before casting in 14k yellow gold.

901 Front-Flat.jpg
Wedding Lace 300dpi_edited.jpg

Upgrade with Lace

This client wanted to upgrade her wedding ring to fit the following stipulations:

  • No catching on knit wear 

  • Diamond marquise in honor of her first ring

  • Two-tone (white & yellow) for timelessness

  • Be contemporary but with a nod to tradition

The yellow gold background features a digitalized version of the lace pattern from her 1989 wedding dress.

Sky to Earth

This client found these meteorite slabs and wanted to know how best to present them. After wondering if they could be set into a ring, he looked for custom jewelers and found me! This was such a fun challenge and he loved the piece.  

IMG_3184 (2)_edited.jpg

Selection of Past Custom Designs

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