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Meet Cady Carlson Dill

     Cady designs and CAD-programs custom jewelry and objects for individuals and businesses. She specializes in working with clients to create meaningful custom jewelry with a particular interest in renewable, ethically sourced materials and updating family heirlooms. She received training from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, where she earned a BA in Jewelry and a Concentration in Entrepreneurial Business in 2014, later that year launching Cady Carlson Designs. She also has studied in numerous workshops, and has received international recognition for her work. In addition, she is certified in and keeps up to date in Matrix and Rhino CAD software, as well as milling (has one in her studio), 3D printing and traditional casting methods. She is an active member in both the local art and technology communities, often incorporating both in her work. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but with the help of modern communication methods, she works with clients and vendors all over the world.

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